Our Services
Our practice team gathers a group of outstanding attorneys to
provide clients with professional services in the following legal fields.

Lung Tin’s litigation practice has a proven record of successfully handling high-tech, high-stakes matters. Our success enables our foreign and domestic clients to achieve their specific business objectives in the areas of intellectual property protection, commercial litigation, employment and executive mobility, cyber security, chancery and corporate governance, etc.

Most of our attorneys have educational backgrounds or working experiences in various legal fields such as financing, banking, corporate, IT, and intellectual property, etc. Our attorneys have provided legal services for many large corporations, including financial institutions, hi-tech enterprises, VC and international trading companies. The years of efforts we’ve made in legal areas have won much confidence from our clients.

Lung Tin provides the following professional and high qualified legal services in:

IP rights disputes or infringement (relating to patent, trademark, copyrights, trade dress, trade secret, etc ), such as counseling, investigation, evidence collection, administrative litigation, civil litigation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) matters;

customs recordal and customs administrative investigation relating to IP rights;

disputes and litigation of domain names;

preparing and sending warning letters;

legal opinion, including public opinion, patent validity, freedom-to-operate and clearance opinions;

representation in competition and antitrust cases;

contracts relating to IP licensing or assignment;

IP portfolio management;

other IP related legal services